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Variable Editor 2 Plugin


Create and modify fuzzy sets and variables.

Variable Editor 2


The VariableEditor is used for graphically modeling the variable base of a Fuzzy System. This plugin is not ready yet and still in test stage.


This plugin is still a beta version. Illustration 1 will show the current design of the plugin.

The VariableEditor is the Main-Class of the plugin. It manages all variables by using the IVariableController interface, which is implemented by the VariableControllerImpl class.

The VariableControllerImpl class has an object of FuzzyVariableEditPanel. It extends from DrawingPanel2D which is maked available by the framework and supports drawing funktionality.

The VariableControllerImpl class also manages all fuzzy sets of a fuzzy variable by using the IFuzzySetController interface. There is one implementation of this interface for every type of the different fuzzy sets. There is one package for tese Implementations (fuzzySetController). Same functionalities are encapsulated by AbstractFuzzySetController class.

The FuzzyPainterProperties class holds all parameters which affect the appearance (color, size of points,...)

The package 'action' is not used yet.

Class diagram

illustration 1 - class diagram

Using the plugin

The VariableEditor Manager is used for editing the variable base. Here you can create, edit, delete and clone the fuzzy variables.

Variable Editor Manager

illustration 2 - screenshot: VariableEditor Manager

The parameters of one fuzzy variable are set by the user in the window below. You can specify name, unit and universe of diskurs (min max).

Below the parameter for a fuzzy variable is a list of all fuzzy sets that belong to this variable. Here you can also create, delete and clone fuzzy sets. The parameters of the activated fuzzy sets in the list are shown in the panel under the list.

to edit each fuzzy set by mouse, just click on any point of the fuzzy set. per drag&drop you can easily displace the point of every fuzzy set.

Variable Editor

illustration 3 - screenshot: view to edit a fuzzy variable

When you create a new fuzzy set you must the type and some parameters of this one. There are several types of fuzzy sets and they have different parameters.

new fuzzy set
new fuzzy set
illustration 4 + 5 - screenshots: create a new fuzzy set

Until now there are 4 types of fuzzy sets implemented (RFuzzySet, LFuzzySet, TriangleFuzzySet and Singleton). The rest shown in the data model will follow.