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Download the jar/exe package from
Unpack the file to a directory of your choice and run the coreide.jar or the FuzzyIDE.exe (on windows).

From source

Download the source package from Unpack the the source to a destination of your choice.


Currently, the build process is pretty much focussed on Eclipse, so you might have to download it before you get started.

  1. Start Eclipse and set the workspace to the folder containing the fuzzyide-folder you just unzipped.
  2. Create a new java project in the workspace and name it fuzzyide.

    New Java Project
  3. Click on Next and set the Default Output folder to fuzzyide/dev_framework/coreIDE/bin

    Set Output Folder
  4. Now you have to run the Ant-file located in fuzzyide/products/src/dev_patters/fuzzyIDE

    To do so, open the Ant View (Window/Show View/Ant) and select the aforementioned file, then build it.

    Select Ant File

    Refresh the Navigator or Package Explorer and you should see no more errors.

  5. Last thing to do is to set up a proper Run Configuration.

    Select de.htwdd.robotic.coreide.Application as the main class:

    Select Ant File

    Now set the Working directory to ${workspace_loc:fuzzyide/products/src/dev_pattern/fuzzyIDE/build}

    Set Working Directory

Now you should be ready to run the FuzzyIDE