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Overview of FuzzyIDE

What is the FuzzyIDE?

The FuzzyIde is supposed to be an Integrated Development Environment for easy developing FuzzyLogic-Systems using graphical components.
The IDE consists of the Core, and several Plugins which provide the functionality. The Core provides central functionality. For example it loads and saves the data and manages the plugins.
The plugins provide the functionality like editing rules or specify fuzzy-sets. The interfaces are standardized so everyone can write plugins. The IDE is as strong as the plugins are. We hope to enjoy many people writing plugins for the fuzzyIDE.
The project was started in April 2002. We are still working on the framework and plugins. A latest version of our fuzzyIDE can you download now.
For more information you can look the latest project presentation (german, pdf).


Since the FuzzyIDE itself is in an advanced development stage our next goal is to extensivly test the fuzzyIDE for its usability and to find and fix remaining bugs before making the project available as open source software.